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But first, let me take a- No. by SarimNarim
But first, let me take a- No.
Tagged by Teruko-san
Alas. The Selfie tag finally reached this part of the net. Curse you.

-First of all, I took this right after busting my ass at a tennis match.
-Second of all, I hate selfies.
-Third of all, No.
Hmmm As for who I taaaggg... I tag Janerre, AealZX, DarkerPersnicketer, noobhime anddd last but not least......StygianGrey Just because I'm an asshole. :iconsrstamakiplz:
That being said, If you really really do not want to do it, you don't have to, No sweat. I would have tagged many many many more people but I thought about it before hand and figured that it would not be wise

[ R U L E S ]

Someone will start the game. They will post the selfie, and tag at least 3 people. 
These three people will have 24 hours to post a selfie. If not, the chain "breaks" and will either start over/be passed on to someone else.
1. The person you tagged has only 24 hours to post a selfie, no more!
2. You can only delete the selfie in 48 hours!
3. You must show the person who tagged you before with the selfie they posted!
TE App: Knight by SarimNarim
TE App: Knight



Age: Unknown, Physical features suggest early thirties

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 6" and 201 cm

Weight: 245 lbs and 111 kgs

Race: Aion- a race without a point of origin, having been around since time immemorial. Rare, they're scattered throughout the worlds, observing each planet and its inhabitants.


-Temporal Endurance- (Passive Skill) 

+Aions are ageless, and pass almost completely unchanged (body-wise) through the Ages. They have a peculiar endurance to the very passage of time, and it's very difficult to harm them through temporal means (although not impossible).

Premonition- (Active Skill) 

Ability to foresee possible future events. The farther into the future and the more key variables in play, the harder it becomes to foresee. It doesn't tend to work well when it comes to changeable matters (like who someone might marry), but can still be used to predict the direction of incoming attacks or tomorrow's weather.

Envision- (Active Skill) 

Ability to 'show' a single target the vision of one of many possible futures (not necessarily the one the present brings). Useful for deceit and diversions.

Déjà vu- (Active Skill) 

Resetting of time. It can range from a couple seconds to a couple minutes, depending on how powerful the +Aion is, but cannot ever reset more than once per week, and only affects a target at a time. The reset leaves 'residue' in the memory of anyone affected, giving them the impression of having seen, heard, or done something they, in the present, still have not.
The ability also leaves the +Aion exhausted, and it's not uncommon for them to pass out for hours after using it and/or remain tired for another week after.

Iron Grip- (Passive Skill) 

+Aions have significantly greater strength and endurance than humans and most other humanoid races. Their physical strength in regards to grabbing, holding, and carrying things, and their "muscles'" (the armor) durability, are equivalent to that or solid iron or steel.

Mirage- (Passive Skill) 

+Aions do not have a secondary form. However, they do pass most of their time coated in an illusory shape that fools most senses (people with mental abilities such as telepathy or illusion might notice something off),though their skin retains its metallic feel. The mirage form always resembles an individual of a common humanoid race; however, these individuals are always wearing some sort of accessory that totally or partially covers their face. Oddly enough, feline themed hats and masks are the most common.

This illusion is not voluntary on the part of the Aion and cannot be turned on and off at will; however, it's said the illusion will only disappear and reveal the Aion's true appearance to someone who gains the Aion's trust (a myth; It's uncertain why some +Aions seem to show their true forms constantly to everyone while others keep the mirage more often than not). Otherwise, an Aion's true appearance is only revealed when the Aion is using an active race ability.

World: Selendris- Its lands are made up of five continents and three oceans. The continents house a wide variety of land, forests, mountains, deserts, plains, etc., with most areas yielding plentiful resources.
One of the most notable man-made attributes of this world are the large cathedrals stretching high above the ground and surrounded by small villages and farms. The native population is small and ruled by kings and queens with Sages acting as highly influential advisors.
Selendris’ early history is largely peaceful, only broken up by a few mild wars between nobility. Most of the nations live in some sort of alliance with each other, trading goods and staying within their borders, but there is the occasional skirmish. One of the world’s oddities is the heavy religious influence, with churches and cathedrals standing all over the map, and while the imagery between them seems to be the same, none of the native cultures can seem to agree on the lore surrounding them.
In recent times, the Sages arrived from other worlds and introduced the possibility of interworld travel, as well as forming a lasting and more prosperous world structure. They helped open trade with other worlds, increased Selendris’ wealth, and assisted in reforming governmental functions. The Sages became quite prestigious and are closely involved with practically everything in the world.

History: The earliest cognitive memory that Knight can recall was that of when he was wandering through a forest and came upon an abandoned cottage, which he took refuge in for several years, acquiring several new room mates during that time (wanderers, a moose, a family of mice, etc.)before the house finally succumbed to the elements. Having been able to talk to the few who did not flee in fear, a seed of curiosity had already been planted concerning the outside world. Knight then went on a journey strictly made up of wandering from settlement to settlement, carrying nothing but the two-handed sword on his back in hopes of gaining a better understanding for the world he was inhabiting. He cultivated a love not for books or knowledge, but instead comedy and entertainment, listening to and constantly memorizing jokes. The Aion continued to do so until he narrowed his love down to the act of making puns. It also didn't take long for him to realize that he functioned better after ingesting food rather than going without it. To eat meant to have the money to buy it, and to have the money to buy it meant working. For years, Knight has had trouble keeping any one job thanks to his awkward sense of humor. Either people think hes actually being serious, or they eventually get tired of all the puns and give him the boot. Even so, its hard to tell if he's effected or not, because he wastes no time in looking for another job.

Personality: Knight has trouble expressing himself through his facial expressions and tone of voice, depending solely on conversation to make an impression. He may seem intimidating at first...and even for a little while after until you talk to him more frequently. Knight constantly makes jokes which are hard to pick up on unless you're familiar with his humor, which unfortunately means that a lot of his jokes fall short of making others laugh. Though at times he doesn't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed, he is loyal, undoubtedly tenacious, and frequently harmless.

Abilities/weapons:  A general understanding for brawling and exceptional skill with swordplay

Additional Info: 
-Knight once had a different name and a different life, but those memories are lost to his conscience.
-He currently lives just outside Lalita in a large abandoned armory/manor. The correct term is "squatting"

RP Prompt: 
Bullet; White "Do you require any further assistance." Knight lowered the crate onto the outside deck and stood before his employer. This one was a short, redheaded man who looked a lot older than he actually was from years of stress and running his  beer business."For the last time, Knight- YOU'RE FIRED! GO HOME!" "then I come back in the morning." "NO! NOT IN THE MORNING- NOT-" "Then the afternoon" "KNIGHT, LISTEN TO ME" " Sick days are not necessary, Francois." "#@*&$@#*&!!!" Knight kept trying to make sense of what Francois was saying; he had never met anyone so picky about times before. "Is this a bad time. I'll come back later." "NO DON'T COME BACK!" Francois looked as if he were about to turn purple with rage. Letting out a sigh, he deflated and regained some amount of his composure, smoothing a hand back over his balding head. "Knight, Knight listen to me buddy, you're a nice guy, but you're giving my workers the wrong impression." Knight was quiet for a moment. " What do you mean? I've been wishing them only the best." "Buddy, its 'break a leg' not 'break a keg', dammit." Francois stared at Knight, and the Aion stared back. "......I thought it was funny." "Get out."
    It was right then that a previously unidentified falling object crashed into Knight's head and shoulders, before crumpling to the ground in an unconscious heap of person. While Francois yelped and fell backwards, Knight stood his ground, not so much as blinking before turning to look over at the young man who had descended from above just at the right time to experience a head on collision with an Aion.
"......-That surprised me."

Marry me? ....Maybe?....No? by SarimNarim
Marry me? ....Maybe?....No?

Saw that :iconagent-lapin: did this and I figured it was about time I show her my (and Toto's) appreciation for her lovely character.

I TAG :iconnoobhime: AND :iconteruko-san: AND :iconjanerre: AND WHO EVER ELSE WANTS TO DRAW SHEIT.



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