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March 30, 2012
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Republic City Oc: Yen Fei by SarimNarim Republic City Oc: Yen Fei by SarimNarim
FOR :iconrepubliccity:
❖ NAME : Fei Yen
(First name Yen, meaning beautiful or colorful, while Fei is the family name. "fei" and "Yen" together mean Swallow Tail Bird.)

❖ AGE : Eighteen years old

❖HEIGHT : 5'5 feet tall

❖ NATIONALITY :Hails from the Kyoshi island, re-located to Republic City at the age of five with her sister, father, mother, and maternal grandparents

❖ OCCUPATION : Street Vendor/Delivery Girl - Has cart with sister Rui

❖ AFFINITY : Water and Earth

◆ Lucky Klutz: Unlike Rui, Yen has a noticible lack of Finesse, Always tripping over things and making trouble. Strangely enough, luck has constantly been on her side, covering her mistakes and making her look good. Only her sister is truely aware of her horrible disorganization.
◆ Animal Friend- Like her sister, she has an unseen latent connection with animals, able to communicate with them through actions. The sisters grew up nurturing their love of animals at their Grandfathers pet shop.Any manner of animal the sisters come by is showered with affection.
◆ Kyoshi Warrior/Metal fan Weilding- Whilst living on the Island, Yen's mother was a skilled Kyoshi warrior.Holding the fans like extensions of their arms, they aim to turn the strength of their opponents against them, a main principle of waterbending. Going through their mothers old things, Rui and Yen found her metal fans, partially rusted over. With a little brandishing here and there, they were back to normal. Rui insisted that Yen have them, boasting that she would need to protect herself incase her sister was not around. Yen found time inbetween cleaning, cooking , and working, to train the fight style alone, using a mixture of water bendings principles, and earth bendings force.

✔ Talkative | Friendly | Always ready to do favors | Good sense of humor | Loyal | Light hearted| "Jump-before-you-look"kind of girl|

✘ Is a little too over-zealous in helping people | doesn't share her problems with others | Messes up constantly | Impractical/Naive | Often spends too much effort on one thing

Yen's eyes were wide, with a disturbing grin twitching on her mouth. Slowly she advanced on the flying ring-tailed lemur, pausing every time it looked over, imitating a tree with her arms up in the air and her legs straight together. The Earth bender was breathing heavily, stalking the small mammal with the tenacity of a paedophile. "I'" She half mumbled, giggling to herself. Yen held the basket in front of her, poising to lunge. The small creature occasionally glanced back in the visibly disturbed girls direction from time to time, always going back to the tedious job of trying to crack open some walnuts. Yen's eyelid twitched, and her teeth clamped tight together, as she was only three feet away from the lemur. crack! At the last second, the earth benders heel had rocked back onto a small twig, blowing her cover. In a last futile attempt, Yen lunged with the ferocity of an angry Platypus bear, letting out a battle cry as she went sailing through the air, the basket already being forced down to the earth by her hands. The lemur's eyes bugged out as it let out a screech of horror, dropping its nuts and just barely escaping the crazy womans grasp. THUD. yen face planted into the ground, shouting in surprise. She recovered immediately, getting on her hands knees to glare at the escaping mammal. All of her facial expressions were quite a sight to behold, but especially when she was angry. Even the most solemn of people had a hard time not bursting out laughing. Now with her face caked in dirt, yen slammed her fists against the ground, the earth coming up at least a foot beneath her. The momentum got her to her feet almost instantly, allowing her to break directly into an all out sprint. With her eyes bulging and her her fists pumping, Yen screamed at the top of her lungs " GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE INGRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!" If one were to pause this situation, you would inquire as to why the young lady was being so hostile to a defenceless animal, especially with one of her skills pertaining to wildlife. The beginning of this story starts earlier that day, whilst Yen and her sister Rui were making a 'special' ramen delivery. . . .

◆ Mother died of a mysterious illness after coming to the city, now raised by their gentle and "motherly" father.
◆Has an identical twin sister, Rui, who is a Taurus, and herself an Aries, born on opposite sides of the midnight hour.
◆ being identical, The twins have often pretended to be each other; Frequently Yen covers for her sister Rui when she goes to see wrestling matches. The two girls are very close. There is an invisible bond between the twins.
◆ The twins grandfather is a tough, burly, and mildly terrifying old man whom now owns a pet shop. While her sister admire's their G-Pa, Yen is constantly showering him with love, even when she is bonked over the head for being too soft.
◆Is a 'Daddies' girl, but was told that she was very attached to her mother when she was alive. Yen adores her father, and spends time with him when ever she can
◆ Always keeps her mothers metal fans tucked in her sash, practising the Kyoshi Warrior fighting style in her free time.
◆Loves animals to the point of Obsession.
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